Session B3
Title Learning I
Chair Sandip Sen
734 Adaptive Budgeted Bandit Algorithms for Trust Development in a Supply-Chain
  Sandip Sen, Anton Ridgway, Michael Ripley
126 Improving the Performance of Mobile Phone Crowdsourcing Applications
  Erfan Davami, Gita Sukthankar
761 Selecting Robust Strategies in RTS Games via Concurrent Plan Augmentation
  Abdelrahman Elogeel, Andrey Kolobov, Matthew Alden, Ankur Teredesai
643 CFQI: Fitted Q-Iteration with Complex Returns
  Robert W Wright, Xingye Qiao, Steven Loscalzo, Lei Yu
323 Counterfactual Exploration for Improving Multiagent Learning
  Mitchell K. Colby, Sepideh Kharaghani, Chris HolmesParker, Kagan Tumer
38 Policy Transfer using Reward Shaping
  Tim Brys, Anna Harutyunyan, Matthew E. Taylor, Ann Nowé