Session B4
Title Logic I
Chair Natasha Alechina
458 Verifying Multi-Agent Systems by Model Checking Three-valued Abstractions
  Alessio Lomuscio, Jakub Michaliszyn
146 Parameterised Verification of Autonomous Mobile-Agents in Static but Unknown Environments
  Sasha Rubin
419 Decentralized Bisimulation for Multiagent Systems
  Lei Song, Yuan Feng, Lijun Zhang
3 Budget-Constrained Knowledge in Multiagent Systems
  Pavel Naumov, Jia Tao
305 Module Checking of Strategic Ability
  Wojciech Jamroga, Aniello Murano
415 On the Formal Verification of Diffusion Phenomena in Open Dynamic Agent Networks
  Francesco Belardinelli, Davide Grossi