Session B5
Title Bio-inspired Approaches
Chair Gal Kaminka
298 Determining Placements of Influencing Agents in a Flock
  Katie Genter, Shun Zhang, Peter Stone
607 Particle Field Optimization: A New Paradigm for Swarm Intelligence
  Nathan Bell, John B Oommen
50 Bio-inspired Practicalities: Collective Behaviour using Passive Neighbourhood Sensing
  Mansoor Shaukat, Mandar Chitre
839 Firefly-Inspired Synchronization in Swarms of Mobile Agents
  Fernando Perez-Diaz, Ruediger Zillmer, Roderich Groß
647 Swarm Robot Foraging with Wireless Sensor Motes
  Katherine Russell, Michael Schader, Kevin Andrea, Sean Luke
490 Cooperative Coevolution of Partially Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems
  Jorge Gomes, Pedro Mariano, Anders Lyhne Christensen