Session G1
Title Game Theory III
Chair Kate Larson
582 Approximately Strategy-proof Mechanisms for (Constrained) Facility Location
  Xin Sui, Craig Boutilier
114 Facility Location Games with Dual Preference
  Shaokun Zou, Minming Li
689 The Power of Swap Deals in Distributed Resource Allocation
  Anastasia Damamme, Aurélie Beynier, Yann Chevaleyre, Nicolas Maudet
476 Strategic Free Information Disclosure for Search-Based Information Platforms
  Shani Alkoby, David Sarne, Sanmay Das
783 Information Disclosure as a Means to Security
  Zinovi Rabinovich, Albert Xin Jiang, Manish Jain, Haifeng Xu
504 Electric Boolean Games : Redistribution Schemes among Resource-Bounded Agents
  Paul Harrenstein, Paolo Turrini, Michael Wooldridge