Session G3
Title Learning II
Chair Karl Tuyls
652 Learning Inter-Task Transferability in the Absence of Target Task Samples
  Jivko Sinapov, Sanmit Narvekar, Matteo Leonetti, Peter Stone
497 R-HybrID: Evolution of Agent Controllers with a Hybrisation of Indirect and Direct Encodings
  Fernando Silva, Luis Correia, Anders Lyhne Christensen
692 Learning By Observation Using Qualitative Spatial Relations
  Jay Young, Nick Hawes
442 Learning in Multi-agent Systems with Sparse Interactions by Knowledge Transfer and Game Abstraction
  Yujing Hu, Yang Gao, Bo An
488 Knowledge Revision for Reinforcement Learning with Abstract MDPs
  Kyriakos Efthymiadis, Daniel Kudenko
755 Monte Carlo Hierarchical Model Learning
  Jacob Menashe, Peter Stone