Session H3
Title Engineering Agent-Based Systems
Chair Brian Logan
181 Global Protocols as First Class Entities for Self-Adaptive Agents
  Davide Ancona, Daniela Briola, Angelo Ferrando, Viviana Mascardi
312 A Self-Organizing Virtual Environment for Agent-Based Simulations
  Mohammad Al-Zinati, Rym Wenkstern
668 An Approach to Quantify Workload in a System of Agents
  Richard Stocker, Neha Rungta, Eric Mercer, Franco Raimondi, Jon Holbrook, Colleen Cardoza, Michael Goodrich
154 Agent Oriented Modelling of Tactical Decision Making
  Rick Evertsz, John Thangarajah, Nitin Yadav, Thanh Ly
498 Metrics for Evaluating Modularity and Extensibility in HMAS Systems
  Massimo Cossentino, Carmelo Lodato, Salvatore Lopes, Patrizia Ribino, Valeria Palermo
9 Early Detection of Design Faults Relative to Requirement Specifications in Agent-Based Models
  Yoosef Abushark, John Thangarajah, Tim Miller, James Harland, Michael Winikoff