Session L5
Title Robotics III
Chair Alessandro Farinelli
712 Adaptive Learning for Multi-Agent Navigation
  Julio E Godoy, Ioannis Karamouzas, Stephen J Guy, Maria Gini
705 Detecting and Correcting Model Anomalies in Subspaces of Robot Planning Domains
  Juan Pablo Mendoza, Manuela Veloso, Reid Simmons
461 Solving Infrastructure Monitoring Problems with Multiple Heterogeneous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  Jakub Ondracek, Ondrej Vanek, Michal Pechoucek
235 Observation Modelling for Vision-Based Target Search by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  W. T. Luke Teacy, Simon J. Julier, Renzo De Nardi, Alex Rogers, Nicholas R. Jennings
771 Sliding Autonomy for UAV Path-Planning: Adding New Dimensions to Autonomy Management
  Lanny Lin, Michael A Goodrich
572 Leading the Way: An Efficient Multi-robot Guidance System
  Piyush Khandelwal, Samuel Barrett, Peter Stone