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About the Conference Venue

The conference will be held in the Sofitel Melbourne

Located at the prestigious Paris End of Collins Street, in the heart of the central business district, hotel Sofitel Melbourne commands the city's premier address. The hotel is nestled amongst historical buildings, elegant boutiques, theatres, restaurants and corporate headquarters. A private entrance leads to an extensive first floor lobby and lounge. All rooms have sweeping views of the Melbourne skyline: rooms start on level 35 and soar 15 stories surrounding a mirrored atrium.

About the Conference Facilities


Presenters at the main conference will have access to a laptop, connected to a data projector. Laptops will have both CD and floppy drive, and a USB port. There will also be an overhead projector available. Laptops will run Windows XP, and will have MS Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat Viewer (for PDF files), and Ghostview (for PostScript) installed.

Presenters will not be permitted to use their own laptops. Instead, bring your presentation on a Windowns XP-compatible CD, floppy, or USB pen drive. An overhead projector will also be available. Presenters should use the break times to install their presentation and ensure that it works correctly.

Paper presentations should be 25 minutes long in total - please allow 5 minutes for questions (i.e., 20 minute presentation plus 5 minute Q\&A).

Information for poster presenters can be found on the Poster information page.

Workshop presenters should contact their workshop chair as details vary. All rooms will have a projector. However workshop chairs are responsible for laptop arrangements and overhead projectors are available only by special arrangement.
Tutorial presenters will have only a projector, unless they have already arranged an overhead projector.


There will be two demonstration tables in the area used for morning and afternoon tea. These will have an internet connected PC and can be booked for demonstration purposes. Those wishing to give scheduled demonstrations of systems should contact the conference chairs. There will also be options to book these demonstration booths during the conference.


There will be an internet room at the Sofitel Hotel, with a limited number of PCs, connections for laptops and a wireless network supporting 802.11b protocol (possibly also 802.11a and 802.11g). The internet room will be using a single ADSL connection, so should not be used for intensive data transfer. There are also several nearby internet cafes with reasonable rates.