Doctoral Mentoring Program

AAMAS 2009 will include a doctoral mentoring program, intended for PhD students in advanced stages of their research. This program will provide an opportunity for students to interact closely with established researchers in their fields, to receive feedback on their work and to get advice on managing their careers.

Specifically, the goals of the program are:

  1. To match each student with an established researcher in the community (who will act as a mentor). The mentor will interact closely with the student, will provide feedback on research, help form new contacts, etc.
  2. To allow students an opportunity to present their work to a friendly audience of other students as well as mentors.
  3. To provide students with contacts and professional networking opportunities.
  4. The doctoral mentoring program will consist of opportunities for interactions between mentors and their mentorees prior to the conference, as well as a one day doctoral symposium.

Doctoral Papers



Increasing Scalability in Algorithms for Centralized and Decentralized Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes

Christopher Amato

Modelling Rational Agents in Multi-Agent Systems

Nils Bulling

Agents with Emotional Intelligence for Storytelling

João Dias, Ana Paiva

Trustworthy Service-Oriented Computing

Chung-Wei Hang

Integrating Value Function-Based and Policy Search Methods for Sequential Decision Making

Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan

Learning a Model of Speaker Head Nods using Gesture Corpora

Jina Lee

Coalition Structure Generation Utilizing Compact Characteristic Function

Naoki Ohta

Reputation-Based Decisions for Cognitive Agents

Isaac Pinyol

Scaling Multiagent Markov Decision Processes

Scott Proper

Commitment Abstraction for Efficient Planning and Coordination in Stochastic Multi-agent Systems

Stefan J. Witwicki

Towards Scaling Up Search Algorithms for Solving Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems

William Yeoh