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Red Session
Blue Session
Green Session

Red Session

A Service-Oriented Approach for Integrating Multiagent System Designs
Walamitien H. Oyenan, Scott A. DeLoach, Gurdip Singh
Social Network Semantics for Agent Communication
Guido Boella, Joris Hulstijn, Leendert van der Torre
Flexible Deadlines for Directed Obligations in Agent-based Business Contracts
Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Eugénio Oliveira
Optimal Strategies in Sequential Bidding
Krzysztof R. Apt, Evangelos Markakis
Pick-A-Bundle: A Novel Bundling Strategy for Selling Multiple Items within Online Auctions
Ioannis A. Vetsikas, Alex Rogers, Nicholas R. Jennings
Existence and Computation of Equilibria of First-Price Auctions with Integral Valuations and Bids
Guillaume Escamocher, Peter Bro Miltersen, Rocio Santillan R.
Human Behavior in Mixed Human-Agent Societies
Alicia Ruvinsky, Michael N. Huhns
A socio-emotional model of impoliteness for Non-Player Characters
Sabrina Campano, Nicolas Sabouret
An Interface Agent for Attention Manipulation
Tibor Bosse, Rianne van Lambalgen, Peter-Paul van Maanen, Jan Treur
A Task Specification Language for Bootstrap Learning
Ian Fasel, Michael Quinlan, Peter Stone
Humoroids – Conversational Agents That Induce Positive Emotions with Humor
Pawel Dybala, Michal Ptaszynski, Rafal Rzepka, Kenji Araki
The Cost of Stability in Weighted Voting Games
Yoram Bachrach, Reshef Meir, Michael Zuckerman, Jörg Rothe, Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
Constrained Coalitional Games: Formal Framework, Properties, and Complexity Results
Gianluigi Greco, Enrico Malizia, Luigi Palopoli, Francesco Scarcello
The Effect of Social Influence and Curfews on Civil Violence
Michael Garlick, Maria Chli
A Data-Driven Simulation of Social Values Evolution
Samer Hassan, Luis Antunes, Juan Pavón
Refinement of the ACP2P by Sharing User-Feedbacks and Learning Query-Responder-Agent-Relationships
Tsunenori Mine, Akihiro Kogo, Makoto Amamiya
Tag-based Model for Knowledge Sharing in Agent Society
Sharmila Savarimuthu, Maryam Purvis, Martin Purvis
Collaborative Agent-Based Learning with Limited Data Exchange
Xavier Rafael Palou, Michael Rovatsos
A High Performance Agent Based Modelling Framework on Graphics Card Hardware with CUDA
Paul Richmond, Simon Coakley, Daniela M. Romano
MAMS Service Framework
Thomas Konnerth, Silvan Kaiser, Alexander Thiele, Jan Keiser
Learning Complementary Multiagent Behaviors: a Case Study
Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan, Peter Stone
Ant-Based Task Allocation Among Teams
Fernando dos Santos, Ana L. C. Bazzan
Stigmergic Reasoning over Hierarchical Task Networks
H. V. Parunak, T. Belding, R. Bisson, S. Brueckner, E. Downs, R. Hilscher
Fast Winner Determination for Agent Coordination with SBB Auctions
Kenny Daniel, Sven Koenig
Agreement Spaces for Counselor Agents
C. Carrascosa, M. Rebollo
Modelling the Dynamics of Multiagent Q-learning with Є-greedy Exploration
Eduardo Rodrigues Gomes, Ryszard Kowalczyk
A Complete Classification of Ethical Attitudes in Multiple Agent Systems
Matteo Cristani, Elisa Burato
Learning to Cooperate in a Continuous Tragedy of the Commons
Steven de Jong, Karl Tuyls
Transferring Experience in Reinforcement Learning through Task Decomposition
Ioannis Partalas, Grigorios Tsoumakas, Konstantinos Tzevanidis, Ioannis Vlahavas
Learning Disjunctive Preferences for Negotiating Effectively
Reyhan Aydoğan, Pınar Yolum
Service Oriented MAS: An open architecture
C. Carrascosa, A. Giret, V. Julian, M. Rebollo, E. Argente, V. Botti
Introducing Social Groups and Group Exchanges in the PopOrg Model
Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa, Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro
Coordination Support in Multi-Agent Systems
Jordi Campos, Maite López-Sánchez, Marc Esteva
A Communication Protocol for Semantic Heterogeneity with Incomplete Ontology Alignment
Laurent Mazuel, Nicolas Sabouret
From Agent Interaction Protocols to Executable Code: A Model-driven Approach
Christian Hahn, Ingo Zinnikus, Stefan Warwas, Klaus Fischer
Exploiting Agent Diagnosis for Plan Repair in MAS
Roberto Micalizio, Pietro Torasso
Optimal Solutions for Moving Target Search
Carsten Moldenhauer, Nathan R. Sturtevant
Flexible Approximation of Structured Interactions in Decentralized Markov Decision Processes
Stefan J. Witwicki, Edmund H. Durfee
Logical Formalization of Social Commitments: Application to Agent Communication Languages
Benoit Gaudou, Andreas Herzig, Dominique Longin
Goal Generation from Beliefs Based on Trust and Distrust
Célia da Costa Pereira, Andrea G. B. Tettamanzi
Mixing Behaviour-dependent and -independent Tactics in Multi-issue Negotiation
Jan Richter, Ryszard Kowalczyk
The Role of Assumption Identification in Autonomous Agent Reasoning
Georgios K. Giannikis, Aspassia Daskalopulu
Behaving Responsible in Multi-Agent Worlds
Tiago de Lima, Lambèr Royakkers, Frank Dignum


Blue Session

Uncertainties in Adversarial Patrol
Noa Agmon, Sarit Kraus, Gal A. Kaminka
Online and Onboard Evolution of Robotic Behavior Using Finite State Machines
Lukas König, Sanaz Mostaghim, Hartmut Schmeck
Simulating Norm Formation – An Operational Approach
Ulf Lotzmann, Michael Möhring
A Fair Payoff Distribution for Myopic Rational Agents
Stéphane Airiau, Sandip Sen
Mechanism Design for Task Procurement with Flexible Quality of Service
E. H. Gerding, A. Rogers, K. Larson, N. R. Jennings
Sequential Partition Mechanism for Strongly Budget-Balanced Redistribution
Yuko Sakurai, Yasumasa Saito, Atsushi Iwasaki, Makoto Yokoo
A Methodology for Developing Self-Explaining Agents for Virtual Training
Maaike Harbers, Karel van den Bosch, John-Jules Meyer
Relation between Motivations and Personality Traits for Autonomous Virtual Humans
Etienne de Sevin
Controlled Natural Languages for Interface Agents
Tamás Mészáros, Tadeusz Dobrowiecki
Koko: Architecture and Methodology for Engineering Social Affective Applications
Derek J. Sollenberger, Munindar P. Singh
A Process-Oriented Approach to Model Agent Personality
André Campos, Frank Dignum, Virginia Dignum, Alberto Signoretti, Anne Magály, Sérgio Fialho
Automated Aiding Strategies for Decentralized Planning with Interdependent Policies
Martin J. Kollingbaum, Joseph Giampapa, Katia Sycara, Timoty J. Norman, Chris Burnett, Daniele Masato
SiSMar: Social Multi-agent Based Simulation of Stock Market
Zahra Kodia, Lamjed Ben Said, Khaled Ghedira
Group Recognition through Social Norms
Daniel Villatoro, Jordi Sabater-Mir
A Multi-Agent System of Adaptive Production Networks
Samir Hamichi, Zahia Guessoum, Diana Mangalagiu
Effect of Mobility on Violence in A Bi-Communal Population
Michael Winsper, Maria Chli
Networking for Multi-agents: Beyond a Local View
Sarah N. Lim Choi Keung, Nathan Griffiths
Welfare Losses in Commodity Storage Games
Alan Holland
Improving Air Traffic Management through Agent Suggestions
Adrian Agogino, Kagan Tumer
Within Epsilon of Optimal Play in the Cultaptation Social Learning Game
Ryan Carr, Eric Raboin, Austin Parker, Dana Nau
Semi-Supervised Learning of User-Preferred Travel Schedules
Amrudin Agovic, Maria Gini, Arindam Banerjee
Model based Testing for Agent Systems
Zhiyong Zhang, John Thangarajah, Lin Padgham
A Domain Engineering Process for Developing Multi-agent Systems Product Lines
Ingrid Nunes, Uirá Kulesza, Camila Nunes, Carlos J. P. Lucena
From Abstract Qualities to Concrete Specification using Guidance Policie
Scott J. Harmon, Scott A. DeLoach, Robby
On-line Coordination Among Discrete-Event Agents
Manh Tung Pham, Kiam Tian Seow
A Hybrid Approach to Solving Coarse-grained DisCSPs
David Lee, Inés Arana, Hatem Ahriz, Kit-Ying Hui
Decentralised Control of Adaptive Sampling and Routing in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks
Johnsen Kho, Long Tran-Thanh, Alex Rogers, Nicholas R. Jennings
Generalizing DPOP: Action-GDL, a new complete algorithm for DCOPs
M. Vinyals, J.A. Rodriguez-Aguilar, J. Cerquides
Multi-Policy Optimization in Decentralized Autonomic Systems
Ivana Dusparic, Vinny Cahill
Learning with Whom to Communicate using Relational Reinforcement Learning
Marc Ponsen, Tom Croonenborghs, Karl Tuyls, Jan Ramon, Kurt Driessens
Improvement of the Performance Using Received Message on Learning of Communication Codes
Tatsuya Kasai, Hayato Kobayashi, Ayumi Shinohara
Monitoring Social Expectations in Second Life
Stephen Cranefield, Guannan Li
Temporal Dependence Networks for the Design of Convivial Multiagent Systems
Patrice Caire, Leendert van der Torre
Dynamics in Argumentation with Single Extensions: Attack Refinement and the Grounded Extension
Guido Boella, Souhila Kaci, Leendert van der Torre
Verifying Realizability and Reachability in Recursive Interaction Protocol Specifications
Hywel Dunn-Davies, Jim Cunningham
Efficient Argumentation over Ontology Correspondences
Paul Doran, Valentina Tamma, Ignazio Palmisano, Terry R. Payne
Compact Approximations of Mixture Distributions for State Estimation in Multiagent Settings
Prashant Doshi
Stability Oriented Task-Structure Based Multi-Agent RePlanning
Li Jin
Theoretic Study of Distributed Graph Planning
Jian Feng Zhang, Quoc Bao Vo, Ryszard Kowalczyk
Accelerated A* Path Planning
David Šišlák, Přemysl Volf, Michal Pĕchouček
Managing Operations in Multiagent Virtual Organizations
Shelley Zhang, Ping Xuan, Bhumit Patel
Using Opponent Models for Efficient Negotiation
Koen Hindriks, Catholijn Jonker, Dmytro Tykhonov
Know-How for Motivated BDI Agents
Matthias Thimm, Patrick Krümpelmann
Metareasoning for Adaptation of Classification Knowledge
Joshua Jones, Ashok Goel


Green Session
Adaptive Multi-Robot Coordination Based on Resource Spending Velocity
Dan Erusalimchik, Gal A. Kaminka, Shai Shlomai, Dov Miron, Sarit Kraus
Grammar-Based Robot Control
Richard Kelley, Monica Nicolescu, Mircea Nicolescu
On Coordination, Autonomy and Time
Lăcrămioara Aştefănoaei, Frank S. de Boer, Mehdi Dastani
An Adaptive Bidding Strategy for Combinatorial Auctions-based Resource Allocation in Dynamic Markets
Xin Sui, Ho-Fung Leung
Reasoning About Multi-Attribute Preferences
Koen Hindriks, Catholijn Jonker, Wietske Visser
MMOG based on MAS: The MMOG Layer
G. Aranda, V. Botti, C. Carrascosa
The Effects of Cooperative Agent Behavior on Human Cooperativeness
Arlette van Wissen, Jurriaan van Diggelen, Virginia Dignum
Practically Intelligent Agents Aiding Human Intelligence
Debbie Richards, Meredith Taylor, John Porte
Coalitional Affinity Games
Simina Brânzei, Kate Larson
Incorporating Knowledge about Interaction for Uniform Agent Design for Simulation and Operation
Jan D. Gehrke, Arne Schuldt
Retrospective Analysis of RoboCup Rescue Simulation Agent Teams
Harith Siddhartha, Rahul Sarika, Kamal Karlapalem
Visualization and Analysis Methods for Comparing Agent Behavior in TAC SCM
William Groves, John Collins, Maria Gini
Agent Modeling with Individual Human Behaviors
Hiromitsu Hattori, Yuu Nakajima, Toru Ishida
A Visual Development Environment for Jade
Stefan Warwas, Christian Hahn, Klaus Fischer
On Time-Stressed Team Collaboration
Xiaocong Fan
Supporting Agent-Oriented Designs with Models of Macroscopic System Behavior
Jan Sudeikat, Wolfgang Renz
Towards strategic Kriegspiel play with opponent modeling
Antonio Del Giudice, Piotr Gmytrasiewicz, Josh Bryan
Modeling Swarm Phenomena using Logistic Agents: Application to a Predators-Prey Pursuit
Rodolphe Charrier, Christine Bourjot, François Charpillet
A Distributed Constraint Optimization Approach for Coordination under Uncertainty
James Atlas
An Overview of Privacy Improvements to k-Optimal DCOP Algorithms
Rachel Greenstadt
Multi-Agent Systems for the Real World
Rajiv Maheswaran, Craig Milo Rogers, Romeo Sanchez, Pedro Szekely
An Evolutionary Model of Multi-agent Learning with a Varying Exploration Rate
M. Kaisers, K. Tuyls, S. Parsons, F. Thuijsman
Fuzzy Kanerva-based Function Approximation for Reinforcement Learning
Cheng Wu, Cheng Wu
Learning from Actions Not Taken: A Multiagent Learning Algorithm
Newsha Khani, Kagan Tumer
Evolutionary Organizational Search
Boyang Li, Han Yu, Zhiqi Shen, Chunyan Miao
IGTASC: A Model for Institution-Governed Trusted and Autonomic Service Cooperation
Ji Gao, Hexin Lv
Formal Aspects of Classifying and Selecting Business Services
Yathiraj B. Udupi, Munindar P. Singh
Effective Multiagent Interactions for Open Cooperative Systems Rich in Services
Maíra Ribeiro Rodrigues, Michael Luck
A Dynamic Interest Rate Adjusting Mechanism for Online Social Lending
Masashi Iwakami, Takayuki Ito, Joaquin Delgado
Using Relational Concept Knowledge to Improve Search in Referral Networks
Tony White, Shawn McQuaker, Amirali Salehi-Abari
Multi-agent Planning with Confidentiality
Jiefei Ma, Alessandra Russo, Krysia Broda, Emil Lupu
Small World Model for Agent Search
Miguel Rebollo
Learning Whom to Trust: Using Graphical Models for Learning about Information Providers
Philip Hendrix, Ya’akov Gal, Avi Pfeffer
Approximately Fair and Secure Protocols for Multiple Interdependent Issues Negotiation
Katsuhide Fujita, Takayuki Ito, Mark Klein
Handling Prioritized Goals and Subgoals in a Logical Account of Goal Change
Shakil M. Khan, Yves Lespérance
Software Self-Reconfiguration: a BDI-based approach
Fabiano Dalpiaz, Paolo Giorgini, John Mylopoulos
A Property-based Approach for Characterizing Goals
Lars Braubach, Alexander Pokahr
Using Swamps to Improve Optimal Pathfinding
Nir Pochter, Aviv Zohar, Jeffrey S. Rosenschein