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Utrecht University, 25 - 29 July 2005

all good things...

Even after all the preparations and planning - all good things must end. The AAMAS-05 conference was attended by 777 delegates, from 44 countries across all five continents. For memorable images of the conference, check the AAMAS-05 photo gallery. Proceedings of the conference and the workshops can still be obtained here.

It took us some time, but we are glad to present the AAMAS-05 Mix made by DJ-JJ, which was played during the AAMAS-05 Conference Banquet. Enjoy...

AAMAS-05 awards

Four prizes were awarded at the AAMAS-05; the best paper, the best student paper, the best demonstration, and the Convivio award.

the finalists for the best paper award were:

  • A Distributed Framework for Solving the Multiagent Plan Coordination Problem
    Jeffrey Cox, Edmund Durfee, Thomas Bartold -- Winner of the Best Paper Award
  • An Integrated Token-Based Algorithm for Scalable Coordination
    Yang Xu, Paul Scerri, Bin Yu, Steven Okamoto, Michael Lewis, Katia Sycara
  • Optimal Status Sets of Heterogeneous Agents
    Bogdan Stroe, Venkatramanan Subrahmanian, Sudeshna Dasgupta
  • S-Assess: A Library for Behavioral Self-Assessment
    Scott Wallace
  • Believable Groups of Synthetic Characters
    Prada Rui, Ana Paiva

the finalists for the best student paper award were:

  • A Cost Minimization Approach to Human Behavior Recognition
    Gita Sukthankar, Katia Sycara -- Winner of the Best Student Paper Award
  • Semantics of Declarative Goals in Agent Programming
    M. Birna van Riemsdijk, Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Meyer
  • Emotion Based Adaptive Reasoning for Resource-Bounded Agents
    Luis Morgado, Graça Gaspar
  • A Comparative Evaluation of Agent Location Mechanisms in Large Scale MAS
    Onn Shehory, David Ben Ami
  • Multiagent Coordination by Extended Markov Tracking
    Zinovi Rabinovich, Jeffrey Rosenschein

the finalists of the AAMAS-05 Demo Award were:

  • Prometheus Design Tool (PDT)
    John Thangarajah, Lin Padgham, Michael Winikoff -- Winner
  • SAGE - Scalable fault tolerant Agent Grooming Environment
    A. Ali, H. Farooq Ahmad, H. Suguri, S. Malik, M. Mugal, O. Shafiq, A. Tariq and A. Basharat
  • 3-APLM -- Platform for Lightweight Deliberative Agents
    Fernando Koch

the winner of the Convivio Award is:

  • Gamble v2.0
    Matthias Rehm, Elisabeth Andre, Michael Wissner

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  • AAMAS-06 will be held in Japan in May 2006. For news and information, please check the AAMAS-06 website - see you in Japan!
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