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AAMAS-05 is pleased to offer the Tutorial Program, to take place in July, 25-26 (two days prior to the main conference). The main objectives of the AAMAS-05 Tutorials are the following:

  • Introduce novices to major topics of AAMAS research.
  • Provide instruction in established practices and methodologies.
  • Survey a mature area of AAMAS research and/or practice.
  • Motivate and explain an AAMAS topic of emerging importance.
  • Introduce expert non-specialists to an AAMAS subarea.
  • Survey an area of agent research especially relevant for people from industry

tutorial program

T1 Education-based MAS
presenters: Elizabeth Sklar, Lewis Johnson, Uri Wilensky
(Monday morning, half day)
T2 Peer-to-Peer Trust & Reputation: Agent Perspectives
presenters: Sam Joseph, Zoran Despotovic
(Monday afternoon, half day)
T3 Roles from Different Angles - the role of roles in multiagent systems
presenters: Guido Boella, Mehdi Dastani, Joris Hulstijn, Leendert van der Torre
(Monday morning, half day)
T4 Temporal and Resource Reasoning for Planning, Scheduling and Execution in Autonomous Agents
presenters: Nicola Muscettola, Ioannis Tsamardinos, Luke Hunsberger
(Monday, full day)
T5 Tools and Technologies for Agent-Mediated Web Services
presenters: Katia Sycara, Massimo Paulucci
(Tuesday morning, half day)
T6 Engineering Self-Organizing Applications (ESOA)
presenters: Sven A. Brueckner, Van Dyke Parunak
(Monday, full day)
T7 Agent Communication
presenters: Marc-Philippe Huget
(Tuesday afternoon, half day)
T8 Multiagent Planning: a Survey of Research and Applications
presenters: Bradley Clement, Keith Decker
(Tuesday morning, half day)
T9 Agent-based Software Engineering
presenters: Leon Sterling, Lin Padgham
(Tuesday, full day)
T10 Programming Languages for Multi-Agent Systems
presenters: Rafael Bordini, Mehdi Dastani
(Monday afternoon, half day)
T11 Models of Argumentation and Dialogue in AI
presenters: Trevor Bench-Capon, Paul Dunne
(Tuesday afternoon, half day)
T12 Specifying knowledge and belief change in multi-agent systems
presenters: Hans van Ditmarsch
(Tuesday morning, half day)

Multi-Robot Systems
presenters: Gal Kaminka
(Tuesday afternoon, half day)

Please note that AAMAS reserves the right to cancel any tutorial if too few attendees register for the tutorial to support the costs of running it.

important dates

Deadline for submitting tutorial materials April 10, 2005
AAMAS-05 Tutorials July 25-26, 2005

submissions and inquiries

For questions about the overall tutorial program, please contact:

Onn Shehory

AAMAS-05 Tutorials Chair